Coal County Scholarship Bill in Limbo

Apr 3, 2012


A bill to help students from coal mining counties in Kentucky finish their education is once again in limbo. House Bill 260 creates a fund to give college juniors and seniors scholarships to finish their degrees at schools in coal-producing counties. The bill didn’t pass before lawmakers adjourned for a veto recess last week, leaving only one day for both chambers to approve the measure. House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he’s not sure why the Senate didn’t vote on the bill.

“Well some of us would like to see House Bill 260 come on down, you know as far as I know that one is an agreed to bill. I don’t know if they’re holding it because they think they can use it for leverage for something up here.”


Senator Robert Stivers says his chamber didn’t intentionally ignore the bill. It simply got lost in the last-minute shuffle to pass a budget last week. Stivers says the Senate will vote on the bill when they return on the 12th to override gubernatorial vetoes.