Church Leader: Muhlenberg County House Fire Survivors Improving

Feb 7, 2014

Credit Watson Family Fundraiser Facebook Page

A tight-knit community in western Kentucky is preparing to say goodbye to a mother and eight of her children who perished last week in a house fire. 

Thirty-six-year-old Chad Watson and his 11-year-old daughter Kylie were the only ones who made it out of the house alive, but they won't be at the funerals.  They are still being treated for lung damage and severe burns.   

A spokeswoman for Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville said Thursday that both remained in critical but stable condition.

Jimmy Rager is a deacon a Calvary Baptist Church in Central City where the family attended.  He says that dad and daughter are improving daily.

"Kylie has been able to write on a white board with a marker, she's been asking questions on the board," states Rager.  "Chad hasn't been able to talk at all because he's been sedated and has tubes in him, but hopefully he'll get to speak just any time."

Rager says the father and daughter are aware that the rest of the family is gone.

"I know Kylie asked a question on the board 'Is my dad and myself the only ones remaining?'  Chad was aware of that even at the fire.  He made the statement at the fire 'My family is now in the hands of a loving God.'"

The funeral for Larae Watson and her children will take place Saturday at 1:00pm at the west campus of Muhlenberg County High School.