Christian County Struggles to Replace Schools

Nov 26, 2012


Two Christian County elementary schools are about to turn 50, the age that marks the time for replacing facilities. Christian County Public School facilities director Dan Damron says the district adheres to a 50-year policy for its buildings. The state mandates a school’s structure must last at least 30 years, but after that time the district can make no major renovations. They can only maintain the current structure. Damron says it is often cheaper to replace a school than to maintain it.

Both Lacy and Belmont elementary schools are four years from the 50 mark. Many Lacy students are bused from within Hopkinsville, making board members question the need for the school. Lacy parents and students have made an outcry about the possible school closing although, although the school board has no plans to close Lacy Elementary yet. Belmont Elementary also needs to be rebuilt but its current location is not large enough. In addition to the two elementary schools, there are four other Christian County schools that are at least 40 years old.