Christian County Residents File Lawsuit Against School Board for Closing Lacy Elementary

May 16, 2014


A group of Christian County residents has filed a lawsuit this week against the county school system for its plans to close Lacy Elementary.

Their complaint alleges the school met all requirements to be a permanent center but the school board named it a transitional center. But labeling the facility transitional is required for its closing.  

Other complaints include long bus rides for students to a new school and misinformation regarding the building’s age. There was also some concern that the architect who did the required evaluation of the old building is working on the planned construction for the expansion of other schools to accommodate Lacy’s displaced students.

The school system’s lawyer Jack Lackey says the decision to close a school is an emotional one

“It’s even oftentimes something reasonable people disagree about,” he said. “However, I don’t see anything in the allegations that would cause a court to overturn the board’s decision.”

The Christian County school board voted in November to close Lacy and Holiday elementary schools in 2015. The school board says the decision was difficult but was based on the facilities planning committee’s needs-to-costs evaluation.