Christian County Judge Wants Explanations from No-Show Jurors

Jul 22, 2014

Credit Jonathunder, Wikimedia Commons

After noticing a significant drop in jury summons responses this year, a western Kentucky judge is taking steps to make sure potential jurors are fulfilling their civic duty.

Christian County Circuit Court Judge John Atkins says there were about 400 no-show jurors from April to June 2014, which impacted both divisions of the Christian Circuit Court.

“Turnout was so low, Judge Andrew Self and I had to combine our jury pools in order to conduct jury trials at some point during that three-month period," Atkins said.

In response, Atkins has called those whose letters were not returned as undeliverable to court this Friday to explain themselves.

“It’s not our purpose to have a wholesale sweep of reluctant jurors and lock everybody up," Atkins said. "I simply want to make sure that everybody understands the importance of jury duty and complies.”

Atkins said that since sending out the second notice three weeks ago, many have already replied with valid excuses. Those who haven’t replied yet and don’t show up at Friday’s hearing will have a bench warrant issued for their arrest.