Christian County High Schools See Big Bump in Graduation Rates

Aug 9, 2012

Christian County’s two public high schools were among the many Kentucky high schools increasing their graduation rates for the 2010-2011 school year. 

Hopkinsville High School and Christian County High School improved their graduation rates by more than 12 percent from previous years. HHS Principal Demetria Choice credits some of their success to the $1.9 million in EduJobs funds awarded to the district in 2010. Choice says the money that went to their school enabled them to hire interventionists for at-risk students.

“And so they were able to sit face to face with students based on those students who didn’t meet the benchmarks in say, the MAPS testing or the ACT or even just our common assessments that we give every four to six weeks.”

Choice says the individual attention helps keep those students in school when they might normally drop-out. The Kentucky Department of Education says the state’s 2011 graduation rate was 78 percent, up from 76.7 percent the previous year.