Chinese Author Counsels Embrace Diversity

Jan 16, 2013


Murray State’s College of Education Human Development and Leadership Program brings author/educator Cathy Bao Bean to campus tomorrow for a community presentation at 5:30 p.m. in the second floor auditorium, Room 240 of Alexander Hall.  Bao Bean has made a life work of learning and laughing about cultural differences. Bean spoke with Kate Lochte for Sounds Good.

Cathy Bao Bean’s life took an unlikely turn when her engineer father moved her family here on business for the Chinese government in 1946.  It took another when Bean married the artist Bennett Bean.  Then she set aside an academic career in philosophy.  She has carved an identity pointing out that learning about cultural differences brings people together, in life and in school.  Her presentation at Murray State’s Alexander Hall 2nd Floor Auditorium tomorrow night at 5:30 is open to all.  There’s a reception for the author preceding at 5.