CBR Files Restraining Order against Owner Chuck Jones

Sep 21, 2012

College Book Rental Company, a company owned and until recently, managed by Murray businessman Chuck Jones has filed a restraining order against Jones. In late August, Jones relinquished control of the company to Nashville based consultant Myles MacDonald as part of a settlement with his business partner.

MacDonald filed the restraining order against Jones yesterday, claiming he noticed inventory discrepancies after taking control of the companies involved in the settlement. MacDonald specifically mentioned the rebinding and sale of international editions of textbooks as US versions. He claims in the restraining order that “CBR likely will be immediately and irreparably injured without the issuance of a restraining order and temporary injunction…”

Calloway Circuit Court Judge Dennis Foust signed the restraining order yesterday.

Also filed yesterday is a lawsuit by The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.  and Pearson Education, Inc. against Chuck Jones, CA Jones Management, and several CA Jones related businesses and employees. The nature of the lawsuit is cited as intellectual property - copyrights.