Catholic Bishops in Kentucky Come Out Against Gambling Bill

Feb 21, 2012

Catholic bishops have issued a stern warning about the potential consequences if Kentucky lawmakers
approve a proposal to legalize casinos.   Catholic Conference of Kentucky executive director Patrick
Delahanty distributed a letter to state senators on Tuesday detailing the unanimous concerns of the state's four Bishops who represent some 400,000 parishioners in the state. The Conference's blog is already making an appeal to parishioners to stand against the measure.

Kentucky needs a stable stream of revenue that is progressive in nature, a reformed tax law that requires taxpayers to pay their fair share. The state should not depend on an unreliable, regressive source of funding like professional gambling to meet the needs of its residents, especially the 800,000 already living in poverty.

Income derived from expanded gambling is the result of gambling losses – money spent by those hoping to be winners, but who are, ultimately, losers. Is this a responsible way to fund government?


Gambling opponents have been working feverishly to try to defeat Gov. Steve Beshear's proposal for a constitutional amendment that would allow up to seven casinos to open in the state.   That proposal could be voted on in a Senate Committee on Wednesday.

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