Carlisle County EOC Update

Bardwell, KY – Despite an estimated 60 percent of residents still without power, Carlisle County Emergency Management Director Melissa Rowland says it could be worse. Bardwell and parts of Milburn and Cunningham have had their electricity restored, and Rowland says FEMA has provided the county with items ranging from cots and heaters to food and water. Last night the organization provided 750 gallons of kerosene to distribute to residents. Apart from a lack of electricity, Rowland says the biggest problem emergency officials are encountering is people taking advantage of the county's resources.

"We're having a real problem with people from other counties coming here saying they're not getting support to get free stuff. We have people in our county going to other counties to get free stuff. That's the biggest obstacle we have, is we're trying to deliver these supplies to the people that actually need them, and not the freeloaders."

Rowland says three full shelters offering food and water are open in the county- include the Berkley Fire Department, the Bardwell Baptist Church and the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Cunningham.