Calloway Sees Two Violent Crimes in One Week

May 13, 2015

Credit Alan Cleaver / Flickr (Creative Commons License)

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office reports two unrelated violent crimes have happened this week. 

On May 8th Samantha Ashcroft of Hazel was allegedly held at knifepoint in her home while Justin Michael Thornton and Angela D. Gruner also of Hazel threatened they had a gun and assaulted her. Ashcroft escaped and Thornton and Gruner were arrested in Henry County, Tennessee for kidnapping, assault, wanton endangerment and burglary charges.

On May 11th police found Aimee Younger of Murray with a head injury. Police say Khalid Ahmed allegedly struck her in the head with a set of keys before grabbing a knife and threatening to kill her. She met Ahmed online. Younger was taken to the hospital for her injuries and police charged Ahmed with assault and wanton endangerment charges along with possession of drug paraphernalia.