Calloway County School Board Wanted Long-Term Leadership, Hired Retired Superintendent

Jun 19, 2014

Credit Calloway County Schools

The Calloway County School Board still has no details on its new superintendent’s contract after naming interim Steve Hoskins to the position last week.

Previous superintendent Kennith Bargo resigned in April after the board did not renew his two-year contract. The board said they were looking for long-term leadership, yet since Hoskins retired as superintendent in 2010 his contract must be reviewed each year as the Kentucky Teacher’s Retirement System requires.

Hoskins says he is going to help the school system find younger, local leaders who could become superintendent in the future.

“They are looking for a long-term situation and it would be better, probably be better for the district that it is someone younger and someone who wants to, you know, still has a career to make,” he said.

But the Calloway school board did not interview any of the other 13 applicants for the position, none of whom lived in the district.

School board members were unavailable to comment.