Calloway County Republicans' Election Response

Nov 8, 2011

Murray, KY – Democratic candidates may have dominated the Kentucky 2011 elections last night, but Republicans in Calloway County aren't too dissapointed. President of the Calloway County Republicans Greg Delancy says republicans in western Kentucky should be proud to participate in a local election he feels was issue-focused.

"I think from a Calloway County standpoint, we are very happy and proud we had an opportunity to at least get out there and get involved in the dialogue of the race and let people think. I mean that's the whole point of having parties, for people to be able to have options."

James Comer was the sole Republican to win an office in this year's race. Delancy attributes his victory over Bob Farmer to Comer's agricultural background; joking "the people wanted a farmer in office, not a Bob Farmer."