Call center may bring 400 jobs to Paducah

Sep 20, 2012

A customer call service that would bring 400 jobs to Paducah has shown interest in the city’s Commerce Center. But Paducah Economic Development President Chad Chancellor says the decision to move relies on survey results.

The survey will help the call center determine if the area can provide the workforce necessary for operation. Chancellor expects the name of the company to be released in the next few weeks. He says,

“It would certainly just be a sizeable amount of jobs in our downtown area, which we would be excited about to support our restaurants and the other retail that’s in downtown. It would probably be one of the largest employers in downtown as far as traffic coming in on a daily basis.”

The jobs involve answering customer service calls for several Fortune 500 companies. The company is looking for people with basic computer knowledge, strong people skills and neutral accents.

Chancellor encourages the public, particularly those looking for employment, click here to fill out the survey.