Cadiz Rotary Club to Auction Off the Chance to Blow Up the Old Lake Barkley Bridge

Apr 2, 2018

Credit KYTC District 1, Facebook

The Cadiz Rotary Club is auctioning off a chance to blow up the old Lake Barkley Bridge during a radio auction. The opportunity comes after Governor Matt Bevin auctioned the demolition of the Capital Plaza Tower.

Education Committee Chair Dr. Scott Sutherland said the money raised by the auction will be split between the club’s Education Committee and Youth and Senior Service Fund.

“A hundred percent of every penny raised by the Cadiz Rotary Club is spent by the Youth and Senior Service Fund and the Education Committee on our children and the members of our community,” said Sutherland.

Sutherland said the club hopes to raise $250,000. The auction is April 9th-13th and will broadcast on WKDZ’s radio and website from 7 to 10 p.m.

The ignition switch privilege will be auctioned off on the 10th. The demolition of the bridge is April 11th.