Cadiz Author Captures High School World in Novel 'Small Forces'

Jun 25, 2014

Cadiz resident Mike Conver's novel Small Forces captures a credible high school world of kids, parents, and teachers dealing with learning disabilities, drug dealers and retirement- focused administrators. Kate speaks with the educator-turned-author about his new book on Sounds Good.

Book Overview From Xlibris:

A very bright twelve-year-old boy, who has trouble reading, is placed full-time in a special needs class when he graduates from the lower grades to the junior high. He misses the classmates with whom he was mainstreamed in the past. He is also worried about his big brother who is his hero and may be into drugs. A junior high teacher recognizes the boy’s ability and, against the principal’s orders, has the student attend his regular division class.

The principal accuses the teacher of molesting the boy and moves to have him fired. The high school–age brother of the student tries to help a friend who is in trouble with a drug pusher. The drug dealer abducts both boys, and the teacher and little brother try to rescue the older boys. As the story progresses, we see a Vietnam war vet who was dishonorably discharged and is building a drug selling network.

There is a teacher, recently divorced, who is dedicated to his profession and the kids he teaches, and a principal who’s only concern is not to rock the boat until he retires. There are adults who are trying to rebuild lives and children who help each other through the rough times following divorce. You will like and admire some of these people. You will want to strangle others. Many of them you will recognize.

Small Forces is available on Amazon