Bunning blames McConnell for Low Funds

Bowling Green, KY – First-quarter fundraising totals for Kentucky's U.S. Senate race are due at the end of the month. In his weekly teleconference with reporters, incumbent Jim Bunning blamed his Republican colleague Mitch McConnell for stalling his fundraising efforts. The Senate Minority Leader has met with Texas Senator John Cornyn, who chairs the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

"We're finding it more difficult to raise money because of McConnell and Cornin. When they recruit someone to run against you in the primary, it puts doubt in people's mind that you are going to finish the race."

Bunning says first-quarter fundraising will not be a factor as to whether he continues his re-election bid. The GOP Senator says he plans to assess his campaign by July first. Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo and former U-S Customs Agent Darlene Price are the only announced Democrats to challenge Senator Bunning.