Brookport Aid Groups Transition From Emergency Response to Recovery

Dec 27, 2013

Aid groups are switching from emergency response to recovery in Brookport, Illinois more than a month after a tornado outbreak  took three lives and destroyed dozens of homes.

Residents rummage through debris on Nov. 18, one day after the tornado struck the Brookport region and took three lives.
Credit John Paul Henry

The American Red Cross has had 56 families seek aid and is now providing occupational items, like work boots, tools and other lost goods that victims need to get back to their professional lives. 

"If there are needs that they have after FEMA has been able to assist them, then they come back to my office and we see if it's something Red Cross can assist with. We just all kind of work together so that we're making sure that the families haven't fell through the cracks," American Red Cross Little Egypt Director Sandy Webster said. 

Webster said the American Red Cross, FEMA and other aid groups will continue to provide recovery assistance until victims are all able to be self sustaining once again.