Broadcasters Renew Call For Cell Phone Radio Receivers

Nov 13, 2012

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association is joining other industry-related groups in urging cell phone companies to install radio receivers in all their phones.

"Everybody has a cell phone, let’s face it. And the need for such a service on these phones becomes very noticeable, especially in the event of severe weather," said KBA President Gary White.

"You know, we had some tornadoes back earlier this year. We’ve got all of the activity that’s happened up on the east coast now. Let’s face it, we’re going to get more and more severe weather as we move on."

White says cell phone service can be disrupted during a natural disaster but a chip inside a phone would enable it to still receive a local radio signal. He say that could be vital during an emergency.

The Consumer Electronics Association has resisted the push to install the chips on all phones, saying radio receivers should not be forced on consumers. They point out that numerous radio-equipped phone models are already on the market if buyers want them.