Bridge Prep Work Nearing Completion

Apr 10, 2012

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are expected to finish work preparing the Eggners Ferry Bridge for repair work by early next week. Workers are replacing guard rails and removing concrete debris from the bridge deck ahead of a crew from Hall Contracting of Kentucky. Hall Contracting was hired in March to replace the 322-foot span of bridge which collapsed when the Delta Mariner cargo ship struck the bridge. KYTC spokesperson Keith Todd says the cabinet is hesitant to set dates for the repairs.

“When you’re working on a construction project like this you have to be pretty fluid because there are going to be things that may change. We will probably announce a few milestones as the contractor prepares to come down and start the work, but until we get a really firm date on when things are going to happen we won’t provide much of a timetable.”

The contractors are required to re-open the bridge by May 28th or face a $50,000  daily financial penalty.  Hall Contracting plans to use a 40 person crew working around the clock to meet the deadline.