Bridge Debris Removal Begins at Eggners Ferry Crash Site

Oct 23, 2012

A salvage contractor plans to begin removing debris tomorrow from around the Eggners Ferry Bridge crash site. U. S. Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Jason Franz says equipment moved into place last night, and staging continues today. Motor vessel Delta Mariner smashed into the bridge earlier this year, splitting one section. Franz says accident debris has remained at the bottom of Kentucky Lake since then.

“It’s basically made up of parts and pieces of the bridge, steel girders, and the bridge deck, which I believe is asphalt composite material there, and that’s the stuff that back in January and February you saw wrapped around the bow of the vessel and they cut that off and they’re going to be removing that," said Franz.

Franz says Delta Mariner owner Foss Maritime is overseeing the operation.

He says the Coast Guard will monitor the debris removal to make sure it’s safe, and doesn’t impact river traffic. It is expected to take 30 days to complete.   

Neither Franz, nor Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials could comment on what will happen to the debris after it is removed from the lake.