Borden Dairy Announces Closure of Goldenrod Plant in Madisonville

Oct 1, 2013


  The Goldenrod dairy plant in Madisonville will close within the next two months, resulting in a loss of 139 jobs.

Hopkins County Judge-Executive Donnie Carroll said the loss will take a toll on families, especially with holidays approaching, but steps have been taken to lessen the impact.

“Right now, I know that Economic Development had been working along with Rapid Response, which is an organization that helps people to relocate into other jobs,” Carroll said.

Goldenrod is an offshoot of Borden Dairy, and has been producing milk in Hopkins County for 86 years. Borden spokesman Fred Stern said the company conducted a review of operations and decided to consolidate at a larger Goldenrod plant in London.

Goldenrod will continue to produce milk, and other products, for sale in Kentucky and Tennessee.