Boone County Runner Recalls Boston Marathon Bombings

Apr 19, 2013

Credit wikipedia

A Boone County man who is back home in Kentucky after competing in the Boston Marathon said there was a strange silence immediately after the first bomb went off Monday.

Kevin Dobson of Hebron said he finished the race about 90 minutes before the initial explosion. He was about two blocks away from the site where the blast occurred.

“It was thousands upon thousands of people packing the street where I was,” Dobson said. “That was kind of where all the runners had finished up and everyone was waiting to meet people. It went just dead silent for a good minute I would say. It was kind of eerie. I mean, that many people outside and it was just, it was as quiet as you could imagine.”

Dobson said some people thought the explosions were fireworks or gun shots from a ship in Boston Harbor. It wasn’t until ambulances and police cars began arriving that they learned what had happened.