Biological Study to Begin at John James Audubon Park

Apr 17, 2017

The study hopes to confirm a suggested presence of copperbelly water snake.
Credit Dr. R.W. Van Devender, via

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission will conduct an animal inventory in a new portion of the John James Audubon Park in Henderson County within the next couple of months.

The study will count plant, mammal, bird, insect, reptile and amphibians on the 649 acre parcel of land added last year.

Ron Vanover is Director of Recreational Parks and Historical Sites. He says the effort will help the park manage species of concern and finish the trail system.

“If we end up doing a biological inventory and we find a very special plant or a special critter, we don’t want to impact that with a trail," Vanover said. "We will go around that special area if we have to.”

Vanover says the studies could confirm evidence suggesting a presence of the threatened copperbelly water snake. He also says special habitats will likely be put around trees for the endangered Indiana Bat.