Bill to Allow Students to Attend School Outside of Home District

Feb 27, 2012

A new bill in Kentucky would allow students to go to school outside of the district they live in, as long the new district allows it.

State Senator Ken Winters is sponsoring the bill because of concerns he's heard from parents in his district. He says the measure isn’t aimed at getting students out of low-performing schools, but is instead tailored to parents who commute outside their home county.

“So what this bill does it says that a parent or guardian shall have the privilege of enrolling a child in a district other than the district of their residence contingent upon the willingness of the district to accept the out-of-state pupil under this subsection.”

If a student transfers to another district, the new school would receive 90 percent of that student’s state funding. The old district would get the remaining 10 percent .

Winters also says the bill won’t apply to athletics, so students won’t be able to transfer just to play sports for another school.