Beshear's Energy Plan

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says it's time the state considered lifting its ban on nuclear power plants. He's not yet ready to ask lawmakers to eliminate the ban, but says the dialogue should begin and he wants to hear from the public.

All of the states that touch us other than West Virginia and Indiana have nuclear power plants used commercially to produce electricity. We must begin the discussion now about whether nuclear energy should be a part of our energy portfolio.

Beshear says coal will continue to play an important role in the state's future energy needs and a coal-to-liquids industry should be developed in Kentucky to replace petroleum-based liquids. He also supports carbon sequestration projects for coal-generated electricity. The proposals are among a comprehensive set of energy goals Beshear wants the state to accomplish by 2025, including a 20-percent reduction in the state's greenhouse emissions.