Beshear Tight-Lipped on Tax Reform Specifics

Feb 3, 2014

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear isn’t spilling any secrets about the tax reform proposal he plans to unveil Tuesday.

Beshear won't say whether he wants to raise taxes, or whether his plan will be revenue neutral. And with the session of the General Assembly a third of the way over, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are skeptical there’s enough time to get tax reform passed. But Beshear doesn’t seem to think so.

“Oh, there’s more than enough time," Beshear said. "Look: Nobody gave us a ghost of a chance in passing pension reform in 2013. We did in three weeks and raised a $100 million to fund it.”

Beshear said the plan will draw inspiration from a number of sources.

“The proposal’s going to be wide-ranging, with a number of different ideas,” Beshear said. “Those ideas are going to be pulled for the most part out of the 54 recommendations that the blue ribbon commission on tax reform came up with in their report.”

Prior to the grand unveiling, Beshear will discuss his plan in private with House and Senate leadership.