Beshear Signs Executive Order for Emergency Funding

Feb 24, 2012

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is seeking federal highway funds through a disaster declaration to aid in restoring traffic across Kentucky Lake in Marshall County. The declaration allows the Kentucky Transportation cabinet to seek federal funds.  KYTC public affairs officer Chuck Wolfe says the state won’t wait on emergency funds to continue work to restore traffic.

“The way the federal funding works is at some point in the future we will apply to be reimbursed for what we have spent. You don’t get the funding up front, but the state will plow ahead to get traffic restored down there and then at some point in the future we will get some measure of reimbursement.”

The emergency funds will cover parts of the expenditures for a possible ferry and to repair the bridge span. The funds won't cover the cost of construction for two new bridges that will eventually  replace the Eggners Ferry Bridge and a similar bridge over Lake Barkley.