Beshear Plans to Override Rejection of Science Standards

Sep 12, 2013

Credit Flickr Commons

  A Kentucky legislative committee has rejected new science standards for public school students, but Gov. Steve Beshear now says he’ll use his power to implement the standards anyway.

During the public comment period this year, some  criticized the new standards for including evolution and climate change, saying they believe they’re inferior to Kentucky’s current standards. Some lawmakers were under pressure from  constituents, saying they’ve received hundreds of comments opposing the standards.

Robert Bevins is president of Kentuckians for Science Education. He says the public shouldn’t override the new standards that are supported by several major scientific groups and organizations.

“I think there was enough pressure on them from individuals who are against the new standards for a variety of reasons," Bevins said. "Some legitimate. Some not. Some laughable.”

The Kentucky Board of Education has already approved the standards and Gov. Beshear says he’ll use his power to move forward with implementation. 

A national report says the new standards, while inferior to some in other states, are an improvement from Kentucky’s current standards.