Beshear Defends Toyota

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear was on national television this morning to defend auto-maker Toyota. The governor spoke on MSNBC. Beshear and the governors of Indiana, Alabama, and Mississippi have written a letter urging the federal government to treat Toyota fairly. The letter comes ahead of congressional hearings into the company's handling of its recent recalls.

"Y'know, safety is, is, our top priority, like it is for everybody in this country, but fairness is also a priority of ours, and when you've got a federal government who is a big investor in some of the competitors of Toyota, I think that they need to bend over backwards to make sure they do treat Toyota fairly."

Beshear says sixteen million vehicles were recalled in the U-S last year, but he says none of them has created the frenzy that surrounds the Toyota recalls. Toyota's Kentucky plant is in Georgetown.