Beshear Calls for Energy Savings

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is calling for state-owned facilities operated by the Finance Cabinet to lower the thermostat and turn off the lights at night. That includes the State Capitol, the Capitol Annex and the Governor's Mansion.

"It's senseless to heat or cool down a building when no one is working there. We think this will cut energy use by 24-percent and save us approximately two million dollars a year. We're also going to encourage other agencies and groups that receive taxpayer funds, such as schools, universities and local governments, to do the same thing."

Beshear says if they did, it could save taxpayers more than 100-million dollars a year. The Beshear administration is also requiring new public facilities or renovations to existing facilities, built with 50-percent or more state funds, to be designed according to nationally recognized energy efficiency standards. The new regulations are based in part on legislation approved by the 2008 General Assembly.