Beshear Blames “Out Of Touch” Politicians On Shutdown

Oct 17, 2013

Credit flickr

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is taking Congress to task over damage done to the  state  by the government shutdown. The Democratic governor blames what he calls  out-of-touch elected officials for creating a mess in order to score political points. His sharpest criticism of the shutdown at  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Calling Congress “a bunch of spoiled brats in a food fight,” Beshear says  McConnell  helped  create the  shutdown, then had to negotiate a fix with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

“A firefighter shouldn’t be getting credit for helping put out a fire when he helped to start the fire to start with," Beshear said. "There’s enough blame to go around and I think the American people will remember where to put that blame.”

Beshear says the plan to raise the debt ceiling until early next year only kicks the can down the road, and that Kentucky — and the nation — could experience the same crisis again.