Beshear and Williams Debate Education, Politics, and Everything Else

Sep 8, 2011

Frankfort, KY – Two months from today, Kentuckians will choose their next governor. A pair of candidates stood together Wednesday during a higher education event in Frankfort. Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear believes his substantial lead in the polls is a reflection of how he's tried to lead.' Beshear says,

"You know, I think people understand what we've gone through with this national recession. They understand that we have worked hard to bring them through this, to bring their families through this, to bring their businesses through this as best we can."

Republican challenger David Williams, who leads the state senate, is sometimes portrayed as bullish. Still, the Burkesville lawmaker says he is respected by people who know him. Williams says,

"Those people that know me, like me, and you know the likeability factor might be a worry to some folks, but I think people are wanting a strong leader."

Absent from the podium was Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith. Galbraith is a third, independent candidate who's also running for the Governor's office.