Become a Podcaster with WKMS and Pitch Your Project

Jan 9, 2017

Credit GDJ/1434 Images Public Domain

It’s time for a WKMS podcast, and we want you to be involved! According to recent Edison research the national podcast audience is about 57-million people and it’s time for you to have a local option.

Here’s what we’re proposing:

We’re issuing an open call to you to submit your existing podcast, or podcast idea to WKMS.  The station will help incubate, promote and provide an audience for the program.

What kind of podcasts are we looking for?

  • Uniquely Local
  • Gives the listener a “sense of place”
  • Centered on a human experience

What will WKMS Provide?

  •  Editorial mentorship
  • Technical Assistance
  • Broadcast and Digital Platform
  • An audience inclined to listen to your podcast

How do I participate?

1. Email your interest to explaining, in a couple paragraphs, your existing or proposed project including:

  • what makes it uniquely local
  • how it incorporates a sense of place
  • who is the focus of the project. 

2.  Expect a follow-up call or email to talk about the project.

3.  Produce a pilot podcast episode.

4.  Receive notification regarding the future of your project with WKMS and determine a project timeline for one season of episodes. 

This is an ongoing project and there is no set limit of projects WKMS will support. We look forward to your podcast ideas!