Bechler takes Kentucky House 4th district seat

Nov 7, 2012

Republican Lynn Bechler turned Kentucky's 4th district house of representatives seat from blue to red  Tuesday night. The fourth district includes Caldwell, Crittenden, Livingston Counties and part of McCracken. Retiring democrat Mike Cherry held the seat for 13 years. Bechler beat democrat Raymond Gianini 57 percent to 43 percent. Gianini conceded the race after the final numbers came in from Livingston County, giving Bechler a 1,200 vote lead in the race.

“I’m real proud of our campaign and all the volunteers and everybody that worked hard for my campaign” Gianini said. “We stayed on the issues. We stayed fair and accurate. We didn’t go to any negative or misleading campaign tactics. I’m real proud we stayed positive. I am from western Kentucky. I really love our area. I am just going to keep looking to do what I can as a volunteer and keep working in western Kentucky and far western Kentucky.”

Bechler said his campaign worked hard to win in a traditionally democratic district and now all the votes are counted he is ready to join his new colleagues in Frankfort.

“I feel humbled,” Bechler said. “It’s truly humbling to have that many people vote for you and believe in you and it’s just an honor to go to Frankfort and represent all the fine folks in district 4. I have started talking, and have thoughout the campaign. We’re looking forward to a new leadership in the house. I’m not quite sure that is going to happen based on what I’ve seen so far. But I think we’re going to have at worst a very strong minority.”

Bechler said he is ready to get to work in creating jobs for his district and cutting state spending across the board.