Bechler, Giannini Comment on Charter Schools

Oct 26, 2012

Fourth district Kentucky House of Representatives candidate Raymond Giannini says he’s opposed to charter schools in Kentucky. The Princeton Democrat says he wants to keep more money for public schools.

“I think when you take tax—our hard earned tax dollars—and take them away from public schools and put them into charter schools, which are most of the time unregulated, and there’s a failure rate of charter schools," said Giannini. "Some have success, but there’s a high failure rate."

Republican opponent Lynn Bechler, of Marion, says he’s in favor of a charter school pilot program.

“In rural communities, such as those of the fourth district, granting charters that local districts would have the ability to regulate would enable businesses and wealthy individuals to partner with those districts to find new and innovative ways to positively impact our children," said Bechler.

Bechler and Giannini were on WKMS’s Sounds Good today for a candidate forum.