BB&T Announces Closings In Pembroke and Hazel

May 29, 2013

BB&T has announced the closing of two of its branches in Pembroke and Hazel. The Pembroke bank will be consolidated with the Fort Campbell Boulevard branch in Hopkinsville by August 23rd.

 Wendell Lynch, Market President of the BB&T in Hopkinsville, said it was a hard decision for the company to make but the reduced flow of in-lobby transactions has diminished the relevance of the branches. “It doesn’t support enough traffic to justify having it open," said Lynch. "So we’re going to move that client base and combine it with one of our other branches while we continue to serve those clients and do everything we can to make it as seamless a transition for the community as we possibly can.” Lynch said most customers who use alternative means of banking won’t see a change however he realizes the impact this may have on senior citizens who still prefer person-to-person transactions. BB&T Regional President for Kentucky Heath Campbell said the bank doesn't take decisions to close a financial center lightly and are the result of extensive analysis into ways of increasing efficiency whilst balancing the needs of customers.  Campbell said the bank will try to send a formal notification to customers to ease the transition.