Barkley Airport Officials Hopeful Tower Closure Is Only Temporary

Mar 25, 2013

Credit Barkley Regional Airport

In spite of the imminent closure of Barkley Regional Airport’s tower, officials there remain hopeful that the shutdown is a temporary setback. The Federal Aviation Administration has slated Barkley’s tower, along with one hundred and twenty three others around the country, for closure April 7th. 

The FAA had delayed releasing a final list to allow affected airports to appeal the agency’s decision.  Airport manager Richard Roof says their eleven-page appeal made what he calls a concise, complete, and solid argument to keep Barkley’s tower open.  In anticipation of closure, airport staff has been working to ensure operations there continue as smoothly and safely as possible.  Regional carrier SkyWest says they will work with Barkley Airport to ensure uninterrupted service.  Barkley officials say they are working to assure everyone that passenger safety won’t be compromised.