Baptist Health Madisonville Launches New Health Care Model

May 2, 2013


Madisonville's Baptist Health center is the company’s first location to adopt a new model for its primary care centers to try to better educate residents and increase efficiency. The Patient-Centered Home Care model introduces new focus on team treatment that helps prepare residents for the world of medicine by pooling the staff's individual roles together so that each patient is treated by a team of physicians rather than one. Baptist Health officials say this type of care ensures nothing is missed in the patient's care.

Vice President of Education and Research at Baptist Health Madisonville’s Bob Brooks said the new measures ensure greater patient care and satisfaction.

"Probably the biggest thing for the patient is that it provides additional accessibility to care and and we do that through some open scheduling expanded hours and expanded options for communication between the patients and our providers," said Brooks.

One of the new model’s features includes selecting case workers to act as liaisons between the practice and patients to help schedule appointments for patients as well as provide follow-ups between visits.

Brooks said this transition puts them ahead of the game as only 13% of care centers nationwide have switched to this model.