Avant-Garde Absurdism, 'Bald Soprano' On-Stage in Aurora

Jul 18, 2014

This weekend and next offer four more opportunities for enjoying Eugene Ionesco's famed absurdist comedy play, The Bald Soprano, at Twilight Theatre at Kenlake State Resort Park in Aurora. Cast members Kiersten Kellersberger, Taylor Davis, E.B. McKinney and Lane French stop by Sounds Good to act out the "Bobby Scene" and attempt to explain this snappy, fast-paced play. 

The idea for the play came to the Romanian-born, French-raised playwright, as a way to learn English. 'The Bald Soprano' is written in the unconventional "Theatre of the Absurd" style, expressing upon the thought that human existence is meaningless, therefore human expression and logical communication break down and nothing is left but silence. You may indeed be scratching your head while watching The Bald Soprano, but beneath the humor lies a profound metaphor on humanity.

Taylor Davis and Lane French perform the "Bobby Watson" scene

Twilight Theatre is at Kenlake State Resort Park at the junction of Routes 68 and 94 on Kentucky Lake. Doors open at 7:30; show begins at 8.

Call 270-436-2399 for reservations. Overnight accommodations are available.