Audit Pinpoints McCracken County Clerk's Office Weaknesses

Aug 27, 2013

McCracken County Commissioner Ronnie Freeman discusses the the Road Supervisor's report Monday, Aug. 26 during McCracken County Fiscal Court at the McCracken County Courthouse.

McCracken County government offices will have a few more means to achieve better checks and balances thanks to the findings of the County Clerk's Office audit, which was discussed at the McCracken County Fiscal Court on Monday. The audit listed twenty four questionable practices, three of which Finance Department treasurer Angela Brown said are key to implement.

Requiring dual signatures on outgoing checks, establishing a standard accountability system on financial decisions, at all levels, and ensuring there is a sign off system for cash drawers are listed in the audit. While the financial court an only make recommendations, the court is distributing the findings of the audit to each government office and encouraging offices to adopt these practices. "I think the thing we all said tonight was that it would be nice if everybody had the same checks and balances," Commissioner Zana Renfro said. "Only so as those doing the audit and those reading the audit and even if you want to take it as far as the general public could be on the same page as far as being accountable for."The court also discussed the need to standardize the verification process of vacation, sick time and retirement accounting. "That's one of the cost centers we have to watch as a local government, whether it's for the sheriff's department or the jail, the cost to retire and the cost to county residents is just huge," Renfro said. "It's amazing how quickly hours and days can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars, so all that we were asking is that those vacation times, those sick times, be verified."