Audit of Calloway County Attorney's Office Cites Concerns for Public Finances

Feb 26, 2013

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A state audit of Calloway County Attorney David Harrington’s office has found several issues with the handling of public funds. The state auditor’s office says they performed the audit after hearing concerns about possible mismanagement at the office.

The Auditor's report says Harrington’s office often issued bonuses to employees and made charitable donations from public funds, both of which are prohibited by the state. WKMS obtained the records assessed and found two donations to the organization Community of Promise which totaled just under $2,000. Auditors also found problems with the way payroll withholdings were calculated and the way employees were compensated when performing extra work. The report also mentions the inadequate documentation of some office expenditures.

The auditors also cited possible problems with nepotism within the office, saying County Attorney Harrington’s employment of his wife and daughter could pose a risk to the office for ethical reasons. Harrington says he has taken steps to comply with the auditor's recommendations. He also says he followed county policy for hiring his family members, and they are all qualified for their positions. But Harrington says he won’t hire any more family members in order to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

The auditor's office says the audit results are meant to ensure adequate oversight for public finances, and not to provide an opinion on any activities.