[Audio] Playhouse in the Park Presents "Steel Magnolias" for 40th Anniversary

Mar 11, 2017

Credit Playhouse in the Park, Facebook

Tracy Ross speaks with Megan Cirak, who plays Truvy in Playhouse in the Park’s Steel Magnolias. The show runs through next weekend.


Steel Magnolias takes place over two years and follows the lives of 6 women, centering around the life events of the youngest character, Shelby. Cirak says the play is about life and joy and sends the message that it’s okay when things change. She says her character, Truvy, is the warm center of the community of women who come to unload their problems and enjoy their day at her beauty shop.

The audience chose Steel Magnolias as Playhouse’s 40th anniversary show. Cirak says the story is so enduring because so many people can relate to it.


“Whether you are a mother and a daughter or just a couple of girlfriends or even any family relationship, you see the love that these women have for each other and it speaks to people. Especially since it’s based on a true story, the playwright, this happened to his family in a sense. So, just, the honesty of those relationships and the love, anyone can understand that,” Cirak said.


Cirak says the play is different than the movie in that the only setting is Truvy’s beauty shop and the only characters are the 6 women. Other than that, she says the story is the same. The show is safe for the entire family. It runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.