Attorney General Conway Criticized for Language

Tony McVeigh

Fancy Farm, KY – Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, who's running for the U-S Senate, is getting some criticism over language he used Saturday in his speech at the 129th Fancy Farm Picnic. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh explains.

After listening to criticism from Democratic Senate opponent Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, Attorney General Jack Conway came out slugging. "Go ahead and chew on my hide. Chew on it. It only grows back tougher. And you're looking at one tough son of a bitch!"

Some at the family picnic found the language offensive, but Conway told Kentucky Public Radio as he left the stage, he certainly meant no offense. "That was Wendell Ford's old line. I remember him saying it down here at a previous Fancy Farm. You know they don't come at you unless you're formidable. You know I got up there and I got attacked in about two or three different directions and they attack front runners and that's what happens."

Conway has raised the most money among Democrats seeking the post currently held by Republican Sen. Jim Bunning. Bunning is not seeking a third term.