Astronomers' Opinions Vary Over the Origins of Christmas Star

Dec 24, 2012

Many Christmas songs reference the star of Bethlehem. And tonight, if the sky clear you'll have great shot to see it.  The debate between astronomers over the origins of such a star has varied for years. But retired Astronomer Doctor Michael Molnar says the star is actually the planet Jupiter.

“Jupiter was really the star that conferred kingship, the planet that conferred Kingship," Molnar said. "And this was accepted in ancient times and this happened a couple of years before King Harrod died. April 17, 6 B.C. Well as it turns out I ran my computer programs and I discovered Jupiter was indeed in the east, it appeared as a morning star.”

Molnar says ancient astrologers would have seen the star in the constellation Aries, a sign of the Jews, and interpreted it as a sign that a new king had come. Tonight Molnar says you should be able to see Jupiter in the upper eastern sky this evening. You can hear a full interview with Dr. Molnar at WKMS.ORG.