Ashland, KY Journalist with Advice for Paducah on Bouncing Back from Tough Economy

Jul 11, 2013

Downtown Ashland
Credit Wikimedia Commons

USEC's shutdown of operations at the Paducah gaseous diffusion plant is underway; layoffs are slated to begin next month. Paducah and McCracken County will see a loss of about 12 hundred jobs, many high-skilled and high-paying.  Organizations and agencies there are addressing the problem, but it's perhaps useful to also consider the experience of another community that underwent a similar economic reverse 20 years ago. 

Ashland and Paducah may be on opposite sides of Kentucky, but they're both river towns close in size, and both economies have been industrial-based over the years: oil and steel refining in Ashland; railroads, rivers and uranium in Paducah.  To find out more about how Ashland coped with their massive job losses, Todd Hatton speaks with John Cannon, the Ashland Daily Independent's Opinion Page Editor.