The Arts: A Nuts and Bolts Industry

Murray, KY – A nationwide economic impact study that included McCracken, Marshall, Graves and Calloway Counties revealed, that spending associated with area non-profit arts organizations contributed nearly $40 million to the local economy in 2007. Americans for the Arts, based out of Washington DC and New York City, conducted the study. The organization's vice president of policy and research Randy Cohen, who traveled to Paducah Tuesday and Wednesday to present the results, says the arts make for a viable industry and provide a cornerstone to the local economy.

"If you were to add up spending by the organizations, the audiences and the individual artists in this area, [they contribute] $39.9 million of spending every year. That supports 819 full time jobs and generates over $3.5 million in revenue to government."

Cohen says that locals attending arts events in Greater Paducah spend about $24 per event while out-of-towners spend nearly $150 per event, contributing revenue to hotels, restaurants and other area businesses.