Armed Standoff Ends

Paducah, KY – A Paducah man was taken into custody yesterday morning after a 35 minute standoff with McCracken County Sheriff's deputies. 63-year-old Charles Asbell was arrested after authorities responded to a 911 call from 38-year-old Tracy Stewart, who said Asbell had pointed a gun at her during an argument in a residence on Starr Lane. Authorities contacted Asbell by phone in the residence, but the man refused to come out. Deputies secured the area and brought in a crisis negotiator, and Asbell emerged after a little over half an hour unarmed and was taken into custody. A search of the residence found a 22-caliber rifle, along with a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Asbell was charged with wanton endangerment, terrorist threatening, and possession of marijuana and is being housed at the McCracken County Jail.