Anglers Prepare for FLW Tournament

Murray, KY – When the FLW Tournament officially kicks off Thursday, 300 anglers will hit the water looking for a winning catch and a cash prize of a hundred-twenty-five-thousand dollars. At a Meet and Greet at Murray's Wal-Mart, professional fishermen pose for pictures with locals and promote the weekend's events. Angler and two-time tournament winner Alvin Shaw has been practicing on the lake since Saturday. He says a fisherman needs be prepared for all conditions.

"Gotta have a game plan for when the weather's gonna be great and then you gotta have a game plan when the weather's not up to snuff. Wind's a big factor here. When wind blows, the lake really gets rough."

This is the first time in nearly thirty years tournament officials are holding events in Murray. FLW Outdoors is the world's largest competitive fishing organization with head-quarters in Benton, Kentucky.