Angel's Envy Bourbon Inspires the 8th Annual Distiller's Dinner

Oct 18, 2012

72 year old Lincoln Henderson is described as a distinguished looking man with a tidy white goatee and a wry smile. Former Master Distiller for Brown-Forman, Mr. Henderson helped develop Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. Now he’s spearheading the new craft distiller, the Louisville Distilling Company, whose 86.6 proof small-batch bourbon Angel’s Envy is the star of the Carson Center’s 8th Annual Distiller Dinner on Saturday, October 27th.

Mr. Lincoln Henderson’s Angel’s Envy bourbon inspires the 8th Annual Distiller Dinner of the Carson Center in Paducah on Saturday, October 27th.  In addition to Mr. Henderson being there in person to tell his story, the dinner features catering by Laura Duff’s A Pampered Palate and a silent auction featuring table and barrel heads created from Angel’s Envy.  Reservations are available through or by calling 270.443.9932.  Proceeds benefit the Carson Center.